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The RhinoGuard Advantage

The Rhinoguard design is based on existing off-label devices used by the anesthesia community over the years, in an effort to make nasal intubations easier and safer. The Rhinoguard incorporates the dilating ability found with using multiple nasal trumpets along with a protective sheath like a red rubber catheter. Unlike utilizing multiple nasal trumpets that are manipulated in and out of the nasal cavity, the Rhinoguard is moved in only one direction. The use of multiple nasal trumpets has been known to result in nasal bleeds, as well as prolonging the intubation process. Red rubber catheters used for nasal intubations sometimes separate prematurely from the endotracheal tube and at other times are difficult to disconnect.

The Rhinoguard's multiple endotracheal tube size options provide a customized fit. The red rubber catheter found in existing devices also lacks stiffness making it difficult for the catheter to pass through more tortuous anatomy. The Rhinoguard provides a relative stiffness between that of a red rubber catheter and that of an endotracheal tube making it easier to pass through a narrow nasal passage.

The Rhinoguard combines the properties of multiple off-label devices into one, designed-for-use, device.